Shure WCM16
Shure WCM16
Shure WCM16 Hypercardioid Headworn Kondanser Mikrofon

Shure WCM16 Hiperkardioid Headset Kondenser Mikrofon

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Reducing breathing noises


Shure WCM16 Hiperkardioid Headset Kondenser Mikrofon

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The Shure Model WCM16 headworn electret condenser microphone is intended for wireless use by performers, lecturers, and others who require the highest quality voice pickup with maximum mobility. Its wide frequency response, low RF susceptibility and reliable operation at temperature and humidity extremes make the WCM16 suitable for virtually any vocal application. When used with Shure bodypack transmitters, the performance of the WCM16 closely resembles the finest conventional vocal microphones. 



Extra lightweight, adjustable headband stays secure and virtually disappears while being worn

Response comparable to finest conventional vocal microphones

Hypercardioid polar pattern provides maximum isolation from vocalist's own instrument and those of other performers

Uniform polar pattern at all frequencies for maximum gain before feedback

High input clipping level eliminates overload distortion

Cable terminates as 4-pin mini connector

Supplied acoustic foam pop screen

Reliable at temperature and humidity extremes



Type Condenser (electret bias)

Frequency Response 50 to 18,000 Hz

Polar Pattern Hypercardioid, uniform with frequency

lmpedance 1,200 ohms

Output Level Open Circuit Voltage -55.0 dbV (1.8 mV) at 0.6 m


Kablosuz Mikrofon
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