Shure VP64 Dinamik Çok Yönlü Vokal Mikrofonu
Shure VP64 Dinamik Çok Yönlü Vokal Mikrofonu
Shure VP64 Dinamik Çok Yönlü Vokal Mikrofonu
Shure VP64 Dinamik Çok Yönlü Vokal Mikrofonu
Shure VP64 Dinamik Çok Yönlü Vokal Mikrofonu

Shure VP64 Dinamik Video Yayın Mikrofonu

Marka : Shure
İndirim Oranı : %46 İndirim
Fiyat : ₺8.136,83(KDV Dahil)
İndirimli : ₺4.387,51(KDV Dahil)
₺824,56 'den başlayan taksitlerle

Sleek, ergonomic mic with high energy neodymium magnet. Clarity and crispness for speech reproduction


Shure VP64 Dinamik Çok Yönlü Vokal Mikrofon


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The VP64A and VP64AL are high-output omnidirectional handheld dynamic microphones designed for professional audio and video production. They combine exceptional performance and comfortable feel with a handsome on-camera appearance.



The VP64A and VP64AL are identical except for handle length. The 200 mm (7-7/8 inch) long VP64A is ideal for close-up use and can be used outside as well as indoors. The VP64AL is well-suited to location interviews, sports broadcasting, and other situations where the 244 mm (9-5/8 inch) length is an advantage.

The omnidirectional pickup pattern provides uniform pickup on or off axis, eliminating the need for critical microphone positioning. The VP64A series also features a tailored frequency response with an upper midrange presence rise that adds crispness and clarity to speech. The cartridge utilizes a neodymium magnet for higher output and increased signal-to-noise ratio. An internal rubber isolation mount protects the microphone cartridge and minimizes handling noise. A water-resistant mesh grille allows the microphone to be used during the most challenging weather conditions. The supplied windscreen further reduces "pop" and wind noise.


Neodymium magnet for increased output and maximized signal-to-noise ratio

Tailored frequency response with mid-range presence rise for optimum speech clarity

Omnidirectional polar pattern eliminates need for critical microphone positioning

Internal isolation mount for low handling noise

Water-resistant mesh grille repels water under challenging weather conditions

Supplied windscreen for reduced pickup of pop and wind noise

Comfortable feel

Handsome appearance; ideal for on-camera applications

Legendary Shure ruggedness

Frequency response: 50 to 12,000 Hz


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