dB Technologies DVA KS10 -18 inç 1000W Rms Asılabilir Aktif Subwoofer

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dB Technologies DVA KS10 - 18 inç 1000W Rms Asılabilir Aktif Subwoofer


Technical Data


Speaker TypeActive Semi-horn loaded Flyable Subwoofer


Acoustical data


Frequency Response [- 10 dB]41 Hz - 120 Hz

Max SPL134 dB


LF18 "

Voice Coil LF4 "




Amp TechnologyDigipro® G3

Amp ClassClass D

RMS Power 900 W

Peak Power 1800 W


Power Supply 900 W SMPS with auto range PSU




ControllerDSP 56 Bit

AD/DA COnverter 24 Bit / 48 KHz

LimiterDual Active Multiband RMS, Peak, Thermal

Crossover Frequency LF-HF90, 120 Hz (selectable)

Slope LF-HF24 dB/Octave




Input Section 2X XLR Balanced

Output Section 2x XLR Balanced

Power Sockets1 x Powercon In +

1 x Powercon Out

Controls1 x Input Sensitivity Rotary Switch 

1 x DSP Rotary (up to 4.5 ms on-board)

1 x Polarity Inversion Switch (0°-180°) 

1 x X-Over Frequency Switch (90 Hz, 120Hz) 

1 x Output Mode Switch (Link - X-Over)




HousingMultiplex plywood

Handles2x Side

Pole Mount1x M20 on top

Rigging Points2xPick Points on top to fix DRK 10/20 rigging frames

Width515 mm (20.27 in)

Height640 mm (25.19 in)

Depth720 mm (28.34 in)

Weight43.4 kg (95.69 lbs)


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