Code Colour 288 - 288 Kanal Dmx Işık Mikseri

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Colour 288 Lighting Controller


Code Colour 288 - 288 Kanal Dmx Işık Mikseri


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288 Channels with 2 DMX optical isolated output.

Maximum 36 Units for patching all kinds of Fixtures.

Fixtures within 40 channels are available.

LCD display in Chinese/English.

Two Optical Encoders, offer smooth operation and longe life.

40 chases. Up to 10 chases can be run simultaneously.

Up to 100 groups.

Freely-editing 32 Presets, including various color, gobos and position, are controlled by 8 Preset buttons×4 pages.

Effect Generator provides circle, square, polygon, rainbow and other Effects.

Locate fixture button. Fixtures can be controlled speedily and easily.

Over 8000 fixtures in System Library, with create and edit function of User Library, a new fixture can be created easily.

Freely download fixtures Lib and firmware updated version.

USB backup system enable user to backup the show in a file.

Music trigger function for Chase.

Chase pause and BLACKOUT function.

Can be controlled by MIDI Master. Colour 288 can be connected by MIDI signal, one for master, another for slave.

The data auto-saves.

Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz.

Size: 482mm×267mm×95mm.

Net weight: 6kg approx.